Summer 2016

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Listen to our anti-nuclear playlist! (see "Prince Tops Our Anti-Nuclear Playlist," Page 7)

"1999," Prince
“Ronnie, Talk to Russia," Prince, 1981

“99 Red Balloons,” Nena, 1983
“Antinuclear,” Miguel Ríos, 1983
“No More Weapons,” Steel Pulse, 2004
“Point Hope,” Indigo Girls, 2005

“The Priests of the Golden Bull,” Buffy Sainte-Marie, 1992

“Breathing,” Kate Bush, 1980

“Party at Ground Zero,” Fishbone, 1985

“Atomic Nightmare,” Talbot Brothers of Bermuda, 1987

“Future’s So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades,” Timbuk3, 1986

“So Long Mom, I’m Off to Drop the Bomb,” Tom Lehrer, 1965
Nuclear Sí,
Aviador Dro, 1979

Cover & Back Page

Who's Behind Pro-Nuclear Legislation? Industry Group Funds Repeal of Wisconsin's
    Restrictions on New Reactor Construction
Radiation Harm Deniers? Pro-Nuclear Environmentalists and the Chernobyl Death Toll

Page 1

EPA Proposes Shocking Thousand-Fold Increase in Radioactivity Allowed in
    Drinking Water
North Korea Pledges No-First-Use of Nuclear Weapons, Following China and India
    --So Could Obama (Editorial)
Locals "Shouldn't Fear" Waste from Wisconsin Isotope Factory

Page 2

Test Drilling for Possible Rad Waste Disposal, Rejected in North Dakota, Faces
    Opposition in South Dakota
Who's Behind Pro-Nuclear Legislation? (Continued from Cover)

Page 3

Lake Superior Barrels: Red Cliff Will Seek Funds for Repeat of Knife River Survey
Military Video Shows New US Nuclear Bomb Burrows Underground

Page 4

Fukushima Radiation Continues to Spread
Waste Fuel Fire at Fukushima Avoided by Luck; US Waste Vulnerable, Panel Says
Regulatory Insiders Warn of Generic Reactor Flaw, Call for Shutting Nearly All
   US Reactors

Page 5

Nuclear's Unfulfilled Promise: Dumping Bellafonte's Four Unbuilt Reactors

Page 6

Resisting Nuclear Power & Weapons
Radiation Harm Deniers (Continued from Back Cover)

Page 7

"Opportunity Cost" Killing Nuclear Power Future
Major Indian Firm Quits Twin Reactor Project, Cites "Investment Exposure"
Prince Tops Our Anti-Nuclear Playlist
Cambridge City Council Votes to Divest $1 Billion from Nuclear Weapons







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