Depleted Uranium (DU) Links & Email Lists

DU-List (with extensive, searchable archives back to 1998)
DU-Watch (searchable archives go back to 2001)

U.S. National Legislation on DU

H.R.1483: Depleted Uranium Munitions Study Act of 2003
- introduced to the House by Rep. Jim McDermott of Washington

U.S. Government Report

"Operation Desert Storm: Army Not Adequately Prepared to Deal with Depleted Uranium Contamination,"
• GAO/NSIAD-93-90, General Accounting Office (GAO), (January 1993).

Websites on DU

• To see Erich Blumrich's informative and hard hitting animation about depleted uranium weapons see:
A warning: The animation contains graphic depictions of human suffering caused by exposure to toxic and radioactive uranium munitions.)
Traprock Peace Center
World Information Service on Energy (WISE) Uranium Project
(DU Section of the page)
Discounted Casualties -- The Human Cost of Depleted Uranium (The whole book is on this site.)
Global Association for Banning Depleted Uranium Weapons
Proposition One's DU Page (The sidebar includes archives of news articles day-by-day back to 1997. Also, check out the DU map at the bottom of this page.)
Depleted Uranium Watch (UK group that runs the DU-Watch list, above)
Pandora DU Research Project
Military Toxics Project's DU Campaign
Campaign Against Depleted Uranium
International Depleted Uranium Study Team Statement
International Action Center's DU Education Project
National Gulf War Resource Center
Save the War Children
• Uranium Medical Research Centre
Burning 'Depleted' Uranium: An Eternal Medical Disaster: Issues on the Use and Effects of DU Weapons
• Laka Foundation (a documentation and research centre on nuclear energy, with a library of info which unfortunately isn't online, but the index to it is)
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• Laka Report: Depleted Uranium - A Post-War Disaster For Environment And Health
• Low Level Radiation Campaign's DU Page and their
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