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Nonviolent Direct Action



Never do anything against conscience even if the state demands it. 
~ Albert Einstein

Nonviolence is the weapon of the strong.
~ Betty Williams

When leaders act contrary to conscience, we must act contrary to leaders. 
~ Veterans Fast for Life

If... the machine of government... is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another, then, I say, break the law.
~ Henry David Thoreau, On the Duty of Civil Disobediance, 1849

You should never let your fears prevent you from doing what you know is right.
~ Aung San Suu Kyi

Nothing could be worse than the fear that one had given up too soon and left one unexpended effort which might have saved the world.
~ Jane Addams

Nukewatch on nonviolence

Since its inception in 1979, Nukewatch has been a vigorous advocate of nonviolent direct action.

Nonviolence for us is both the means we employ in politics and the end we seek in the world. This advocacy and practice is based on personal experience as well as a deep and broad consideration of the state of human relationships, the possibilities for positive social change, the worldwide crises of war, resource depletion and pollution — and the chances for success.

From H-bomb truck watches, to the mapping of land-based missile sites; from sit-in protests against the U.S.-led Contra war on Nicaragua, to line-crossings at Strategic Command; from nuclear power reactors at Kewaunee in Wisconsin to NASA's plutonium space shots at Cape Canaveral; from the cramped spaces of the old Dane County jail in Madison, to kitchen duty at the Marion Federal Prison Camp in Illinois; Nukewatch employees, volunteers and supporters have embraced nonviolence in word and deed -- even as we've struggled to rid our thoughts as well of the violence that inundates the social, political, cultural and spiritual life of the United States.

In our work for disarmament and a world free of human exploitation, we agree with the late Philip Berrigan who said "The only people who have really understood what revolution means are those who consider nonviolent revolution possible."


Nukewatch Quarterly articles on
resistance and nonviolence

Spring 2016
Through the Prism of Nonviolence: Who's Pounding on the Door?
Continued on Page 6
"We are the Miner's Canary": Indigenous Groups Call for Clean Up of "Homegrown" Radioactive Pollution
"Buchel is Everywhere": 20 Weeks of Action at Germany's Buchel Nuclear Base
60,000 March Against Trident in London
Hammer of Justice
Concepcion Picciotto Kept Country's Longest Peace Vigil

Winter 2015-16
Through the Prism of Nonviolence: Parting the Silk Curtain of Privilege

Fall 2015
Through the Prism of Nonviolence: Reflections of Bolivia
Nuclear Heatland: Revised, Nukewatch's Newest Publication

Summer 2015
Nuclear Resisters Released, Sabotage Convictions Overturned
--Appeals Courty Says Jury Verdict Was "Not Rational"

Continued on Page 5
45,000 Rally Against Nuclear Power in Taiwan

65-Day Protest at Germany's Nuclear-Armed Buchel Air Base

Spring 2015
"You Can't Surrender to a Drone"
Continued on Page 4
Cree Youth Walk Over 500 Miles to Stand Against Uranium Extraction

Winter 2014-15
Through the Prism of Nonviolence: Where to Stand--Sophie Scholl and the White Rose

Fall 2014
Through the Prism of Nonviolence: The Physics of Domination and Compassion
Continued on Page 6

Summer 2014
Y-12 Plowshares Sabotage Convictions to be Appealed
Protesters Succeed in Halting Construction of Taiwan's Fourth Nuclear Power Facility
Four Protesters Break into Dutch Air Base; 60 Arrested at Nuclear Security Summit
Through the Prism of Nonviolence: Standing Together in the Constitution-Free Zone

Spring 2014
Nuclear Weapons Protesters Sentenced to Long Terms, Possible Life in Prison

Winter 2013-2014
Through the Prism of Nonviolence: The Streamline 72
Drone War Resisters Acquitted

Fall 2013
German Bomber Base, with 20 US Nuclear Weapons, Shut Down
      by Ambitious Blockaders

Great Lakes Citizens Succeed in Halting Radioactive Shipments
Activists at New Kansas City Plant Seek Nuclear-Weapons-Free World
Through the Prism of Nonviolence: Saved by Beauty

Summer 2013
Disarmament Activists "Guilty" of Sabotage: Courtroom Kabuki Dance,
      with Conviciton a Foregone Conclusion

      Continued on Page 9

A Show Trial for Nuclear Y-12 Weapons Protestors
Over 100 Catholic Workers & Friends Rally to Protest Frack Sand Mining
Protestors Block Rail Lines at Canadian Uranium Site
Globalized Call for Phase-Out of Nuclear Reactors
Through the Prism of Nonviolence: "We Are All Rene"

Spring 2013
Three Face Prison for Tying "Crime Scene" Tape on H-Bomb Factory
Nuclear Resisters in India Denied Bail, Face Sedition Charges
Revolutionary Grounds

Winter 2012-2013
Protests Continue in India
Memoir of Prison Journey to Revolutionary Nonviolence

Fall 2012
Nuclear 'Security' Unmasked by Protestors
Kansas City Residents: Bomb Builders of Not?
New Reactor Plans Slammed in South Africa
No Nukes in India
Aussies Resist Uranium Mining & Waste Dumping
Pilgrim's PIckets
Thousands to Rally for Nuclear-Free Future in Washington DC in September
Through the Prism of Nonviolence: Operation Streamline

Summer 2012
Crashing NATO's War Party
Saying No to Nuclear Waste Factories
Know Drones: Remote-Controlled Warfare
Greenpeace Drops in On the French
Occupy Portland Rallies to End Nuclear Power,
      Weapons and Contamination

Vermonters Say Shut It Down!
Works of Peace In the Presence of War

Spring 2012
The Fight to Close Vermont Yankee Continues
Intrusions Show French Reactors Unprotected

Winter 2011-2012
A Journal of Prison Camp & Transport
The Autumn of Our Discontent

Fall 2011
A Letter from Private Prison
Longest-Serving Nuclear Resister Due Out in Sept.
So Many Crimes, So Little Time

Summer 2011
Greens Call Germany's Reactor Phase-out Too Slow
53 Arrested in Protest at Site of Future Kansas City
      H-bomb Parts Factory, as U.S. Raids Pakistan

April 23rd "Walk for a Nuclear-Free Future"
      Commemorates Chernobyl & Fukushima

Nukewatch Staffer & 7 Others Jailed
      After Show Trial in H-bomb Protest

A Letter to Bonnie in Jail
You Can't Do That! Marv Davidov, Nonviolent Revolutionary

Winter 2010-2011

Big Blockade to Scrap Trident
Protest Against German Waste Transports and Repeal of
       Reactor Phase-out

Resisting Bombs and Bombers
Thousands Protest in France Against its Oldest Reactor
International Day of Action for a Nuclear-Free Future

Fall 2010
36 Arrested at Tennessee H-bomb Factory
Resistance for a Nuclear-Free Future
Resistance for a Nuclear-Free Future "Living a way of life into being"
Arrested in Good Company Opposing Weapons of Mass Destruction

Disarm Now Plowshares Indicted for Conspiracy,
      Trespass, Property Destruction, Depredation

Summer 2010
Uranium Weapons Update
Giant Human Chain in Germany Demands Retention of Reactor Phase-Out
30 Years of Resistance for a Nuclear-Free Future
At the NPT 10,000 Demand Abolition

Spring 2010
20 Canadian Doctors Resign Over Uranium Mining Proposal
"Our Nuclear Weapons Make Hitler Look Like a Piker"
Vieques Citizens Sue U.S. Over Contamination
Resistance for a Nuclear Free Future

Winter 2009-2010
Disarmament Activists Confront Trident Sub Base
Disarmament Activist Parries Christian Theology With Prosecutor
Judge Releases Protesters After Mistaking Some for Derelicts

Fall 2009
Peace Walk Ends With Nonviolent Action
Activists Mull Law Suit Over False Arrest
Priest Acts Against "Insane" Weapons
Uranium Legacy Remembrance and Action

Spring 2009
How Many Deaths Will it Take? A Call for More Resistance
Through the Prism of Nonviolence
Operation Peaceful Resistance

      By John Heid

Winter 2008-09
Protest at U.S. Spy Base
Space Weapons and Terror
Civil Initiative and Civilization
By John Heid

15,000 Protest German Waste Convoy

Fall 2008
Ghosts of Stop Project ELF Campaign Haunt Today's War Resisters
Nukewatch Joins German Air Base Demo
Int'l Youth Camp Says "Bye Bye Nuclear Bombs" -- A Journal

ATK's War Profiteering Targeted
Lake Superior Advocates Walk & Rally for Clean-up of Army Wastes Dumped Near Duluth
Over 2,000 Demand Withdrawl of U.S. Nukes from Germany

Summer 2008
Experience Vs. the Power of Myth: Does the Military Protect Freedom?
       By John Heid
A Free Country?

Winter 2007-2008
Through the Prism of Nonviolence
Constructive Program or Corporatism
    By John Heid

Fall 2007
Ground Zero Celebrates 30 Years of Resistance


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