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On the Bright Side

Nuclear disarmament and safe, cheap alternatives to nuclear power are in the news. Japan is getting along without 54 of 54 reactors using simple conservation and efficiency mandates. Nuclear is not necessary.

This page is dedicated to the happy news.

Spring 2016

60,000 March Against Trident in London
Global Wind Power Capacity Tops Nuclear for First Time
Hammer of Justice
California Solar Capacity Surpasses Nuclear by 75 Percent
Concepcion Picciotto Kept Country's Longest Peace Vigil

Winter 2015-16

Sierra Club Not Fooled by Pro-Nuclear Lobby
Solar and Wind Now Half the Cost of Nuclear

Fall 2015

Energy Transition Law Ends France's Nuclear Renaissance
Nukewatch Welcomes New Staff Member Martha Kaempffer

Summer 2015

45,000 Rally Against Nuclear Power in Taiwan
65-Day Protest a Germany's Nuclear-Armed Buchel Air Base
Nukewatch Welcomes New Staff Member Kelly Lundeen

Spring 2015

Tesla Battery Can Boost Renewables, Helping Phase Out Nuclear
Cree Youth Walk Over 500 Miles to Stand Against Uranium Extraction
Nuclear Giant Areva Lost $5.38 Billion in 2014: Reactor Plans Falling Like Dominoes
Japan to Permanently Close Five More Reactors

Winter 2014-15

Netherlands Tests Roadway Solar Collectors
Renewables Overtake Nuclear as Scotland's Top Electric Power Source

Vermont's Largest Municipal Utility Goes 100-Percent Renewable

Fall 2014

International Nuclear Power Fading Fast, Study Finds
Risky Plutonium Project Put on Hold

Summer 2014

Protesters Succeed in Halting Construction of Taiwan's Fourth Nuclear Power Facility
Four Protesters Break into Dutch Air Base; 60 Arrested at Nucelar Security Summit

Iran Limits Nuclear Program, UN Certifies

Spring 2014

Future Bleak for Small Modular Reactors
US Solar Job Growth exceeds Projections - Nuclear & Fossil Fuel Jobs Stagnant

Winter 2013-2014

Japan Increases Wind, Solar Capacity as Former Leaders Call for End to Nuclear
Nuclear Disaster Averted in Philippines
Big Players Abandoning Nuclear Future

Fall 2013

Nukewatch Installs 10kW of Renewable Solar Power
US Nuclear Collapse: Out with the Old & the New
Offshore Wind Power Boom
Putting Lipstick on the Bomb

Summer 2013

Wind Power Helping Put Nuclear Industry to Rest
Nukewatch Going Solar
Quebec Declares Mining Moratorium
Australia's Koongarra Protected Against Uranium Mine
Cumbrians Reject Waste Dump
Kewaunee Reactor Closed

Spring 2013

Solar Energy Makes Good Business Sense
Our Atomic Dominoes are Falling
Virginia Retains Ban on Uranium Mining

Winter 2012-13

Scientists, Investors, Economists: Reactors Can't Make Comeback

Fall 2012

Wind Power Growing at Astonishing Rate
Exelon Cancels Texas Reactor Plan, Calls Nukes "Uneconomical"
Lost Horizon: Britain Seeks Brave New Buyer
California Can Provide without Nuclear
Germany's Sunny Model

Summer 2012

Works of Peace In the Presence of War
Energy Blowing in the Wind
Sailing With the Sun
Huge Majority for Safe Energy

Spring 2012

One Million Acres of Grand Canyon Protected
Base Closures & Troop Reductions Coming
No Need for Nuclear
North Korea Halts Weapons Program, is Promised Food Aid
Staying Healthy, Staying Informed, By Leah Wolfe, MHP

Winter, 2011-2012

No More Nukes for Mexico
Bavaria Divesting from Poison Power
Siemens Abandoning Nuclear Reactor Construction

Fall 2011

NRC to Consider Critics' Appeals for
Closing Fukushima-Style U.S. Reactors
Grand Canyon Spared For Now
Associated Press Does Some Digging
Some Cell Phones Emit More Radiation Than Others

Spring 2011

Fight Against Fission Fueled with Fashion
IKEA's Do-It-Yourself Clean Energy
More Wind Power in From the Coast
East Coast Green Futures
Steady Progress Against Uranium Weapons


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